Externaly Insulated Rendering system, (EIF's)

This system enables you to insulate a building/property when normal insulating techniques are not suitable or viable

Why use an external wall insulation system?

Around 35% of energy used to heat Britains' homes are lost through solid property walls.

With the rapid depletion of the world’s energy resources, high profile environmental issues such as climate change, are beginning to take precedence over aesthetic preferences and stringent legislation demands that the thermal performance of any building is strictly governed.

                                                                                                                                Before application   

The process involves the bonding adhesive bonding and or mechanical fixing of insulation boards to the exterior of the building, covering the whole of the insulation in a fibreglass mesh emdedded into an adhesive and on this Parex  system normally mechanical fixings are not required 
but as you can see from the following pictures we have incorporated these as an additional precaution

Applying bonding adhesive and 
insulated panels.


 You can quite clearly see the  additional fixings used in conjunction with the adhesive compound and in the end picture is my son applying the mesh beads and fibre glass mesh re-enforcement and base coat.


Here you see the final coat being applied (Acrylic) and the finished product , note the flying buttresses that were formed on the gable end to re create the originals lying underneath the insulated panels.
We also replaced the facia, gutters, barge boards, soil and rainwater goods in new white Pvcu