Polymer Modified Through colour Renders, Monocouche

Colour Through Renders/scraped renders/monocouche

Colour through renders are the latest in rendering technology they come pre bagged in a range off colours which eliminates operator error at the mixing stage . Machine or hand applied the flexibility of these products are excellent and a multitude off colours ,effects and finishes can be achieved. 
    • Exceptional weather proofing capabilitiesWBS Scratch Render & WBS Brick Effect Render
    • High impact strength
    • Vapour permeable, allows structure to breath
    • Superior colour consistency
    • Eliminates operator error (on site mixing)
    • Excellent adhesion and ease of application
    • Ideal for property refurbishment or new build projects
    • Suitable for application on various substrates
    • Inc masonry, concrete, sips panels , steel framed structure and wood
    • A wide variety of colours and textures allows for greater flexibility in design
  1.              Cutting ashlar jointsWBS Silicone Scratch Render
Advancements in technology mean that traditional renders have come a long way since then. With the addition of specialist additives to the base materials, such as polymers, silicones, acrylics, aggregate reinforcements and anti-crack fibres, renders are a perfect, cost effective solution for a variety of external wall applications and can be applied either directly to the substrate, or alternatively applied as the final finish on an external wall insulation system.The flexibility of today’s renders allows the architect to be more ambitious with their designs and enables them to confidently specify a wide range of colours and specialist detailed features, such as ashlar jointing, brick effect and alternative textures.

  As you can see some of the
features that are able to be 
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